Your comfort during any dental treatment or procedure is of utmost importance to the entire Colney Hatch Dental team. We understand the anxiety and distress that some of our patients experience when faced with dental treatments. We urge you to speak openly with your dentist if you suffer from such fears, so that appropriate sedation therapies can be discussed and recommended. Your successful treatment can rely on your ability to heal, and having a positive, stress-free treatment experience can support that ability.

Local and oral sedation therapies are sufficient for many patients, but for those who suffer severe anxiety, we offer Intravenous sedation, or IV Sedation, in conjunction with standard pain relief medications. Your dentist will develop the most comprehensive sedation and pain control therapy possible to ensure you are relaxed and comfortable throughout your treatment.

The effects of IV Sedation are unlike those of a general anaesthetic, where you are in a deep sleep. IV Sedation does not induce unconsciousness, but rather a state of deep relaxation. The drugs used can produce effects that mimic slight memory loss, so you may feel like you ‘slept’ through your treatment or that time 'flew by'. Though completely relaxed and without pain, you will be able to respond to questions from your dentist and will be aware of your surroundings.

Your Colney Hatch dentists are highly trained in the use of IV Sedation techniques and use their extensive experience and proven medications to ensure you have a safe, comfortable treatment experience.

Because of the depth of your IV Sedation state of relaxation, we ask that someone come with you to your appointment to escort you safely home following your treatment.