NHS Dental Pilot

We have been selected as a

Thre team at Colney Hatch Dental Practice are pleased to announce we have been selected by the Department of Health to pilot a new NHS Dental Contract. We are one of very few practices in London currently trialing this new way of working and we would be happy to register you as one of our new NHS Patients.

The NHS Dental Pilot Scheme analyses the quality and outcomes of your treatment. This dental pilot takes dentistry back to its very foundation – preventing problems.

Nobody likes change, you can ask anyone that, but we believe that this dental pilot is going to change the way that NHS Dentistry operates - for the better. We acknowledge that the previous means of measuring our treatment performed was greatly flawed and we want to help put that right.

So, what does all this mean for you?

Well, it means that you’ll be able to spend more time with the people that really matter – Dental Health Educators, Hygienists, Therapists and of course the Dentist! If you pay towards your dental charges, you’ll be pleased to learn that they’re not changing, infact you’re going to get better value for your money.

Every patient who attends for routine treatment will be provided with a copy of their ‘Dental Care Pathway’ – this will be individually tailored to you and will detail the treatment that you will have discussed with your dentist. Your ‘Dental Care Pathway’ will encompass several members of our team – and that’s what we are, a team and we’re all working towards the same goal – your dental health. We want you to feel comfortable with each and every member of staff and we welcome all feedback as we aim to perfect the service we provide to you under this Pilot Scheme.

As with any new system it’s going to require patience. Months of preparation have gone into this Pilot Scheme, but we know that there’s still work to be done in order to ensure that we provide you with the level of care you deserve.